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About Us

Trend Law Firm founded by lawyers with significant legal experience, TLF has a strong reputation for cost-effective results and excellent service. Our central principle is the understanding that each client’s interest is unique. We strive to tailor legal solutions that best serve each client. Our policy is to provide the most effective solution to resolving claims and litigation, we partner with our clients to make that happen.

At our law firm, we utilize a “Team” approach to identify objectives for each matter and develop case specific plans to deliver those objectives quickly in a cost effective manner.

The Bottom Line… We are the law firm you can count on to deliver… Every time.

Who we serve:

We are a diverse firm that skillfully utilizes its human assets, experience and technology to protect the interests of our clients in all areas of representation.


TLF prides itself on utilizing the most current technology available and we constantly stay abreast of technology developments to best serve our clients’ needs. Through the use of the latest technology, we provide our clients with efficient and effective legal solutions. Whether it is complying with reporting requirements, billing guidelines or a database of trial court decisions and case law that enables us to win a trial with a brand new appellate decision, our use of the latest technology enables us to consistently deliver favorable results.